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The joy of drawing artists! Artists sit still…they know how to hold a pose…and they keep silent. Oh joy! So I can dive into the moment and look and draw and let the

The one that got away!

While clearing out artwork found a drawing that didn’t make it into my book Zodiac Dogs. I always felt this fella was trying to say something…was it something astrological like “I’m on a

Sideways glance face

There are moments and poses that stay forever in my mind. I first drew this lovely woman a while ago and recently while clearing out old sketches revisited it. I only got a

Festival faces x 1

The pen is up, alive and excited because the Brighton festival is on. So much inspiration to draw. This cheers me up. I might look at a face and then store it in

Starting a portrait of a cat

Creating an animal portrait is, strangely, just as challenging as a human one. Firstly their owner is very aware of EXACTLY what they look like. Secondly every animal, like every human, is different…very

Drawing Colin

In doing portraits I am often asked to do someone or some creature who is no longer with us. Passed away, passed over or just plain died. My darling late and very funny

Sky Arts Self Portrait

I wondered what I would look like to me now. Doing others portraits is much easier because there is a recognition. After Colin died I didn’t recognize myself. Though I must say vanity