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Sideways glance face

There are moments and poses that stay forever in my mind. I first drew this lovely woman a while ago and recently while clearing out old sketches revisited it. I only got a few minutes to sketch her and drew like mad. Sometimes (really not that often!) it all goes right and the feel, the essence of the person just seems to flow down the pen. She was into being drawn but we didn’t have much time and she took the original drawing after I had taken a rough photo. Unusually the second sketch, done recently, came just as easily. Her whole character seemed to beam out at me – clever, funny and with an inner resilience. I’ve got to say I’m a big fan of red lipstick, it went with the deep auburn of her hair. Her hair was smooth and flowing, unlike mine which sticks up at every opportunity and catches flies and refuses to move in a flowing way.

As to why some faces come easily I can’t say. Maybe it’s the space I’m in or maybe its a certain pose or feeling. Whatever it is I am deeply grateful it does happen. Other times I’m drawing and it simply doesn’t work and I find myself growling – did I say I was brought.up by a Labrador? Well I was and sometimes it’s the only way to express frustration! But there was no frustration in this drawing I’m thankful to say.