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This book was born out of laughter and love. My darling late husband Colin and I shared a love of many things, including dogs and astrology. Merging the two was originally a 12 page download for an unusual business we were planning. It grew out of a game we played while we were out walking we would try to guess the zodiac signs of the dogs and owners we passed. There were many chuckles such as: “Oooh look Leo dog Taurus owner!” and we would look at each other and mouth “Capricorn” as a hound passed us by…it was great fun!

When my darling boy died during Covid it all went into a drawer .Everything went on hold. Time passes whether you want it to or not and it was a couple of years later when I was talking to the wonderful Sasha Fenton that I remembered our ideas and laughter and with her encouragement this book was born.

It has given me the greatest pleasure to revisit the joy I shared with Colin and at times, even when very sad, I found myself eyeing a dog in the street and I could sense him around meand hear his infectious laughter as I thought to myself “Virgo”

Virgo Dog

We are talking about cleanliness here. More than any other dog in the universe your delightful Virgo Dog requires clean and tidy surroundings and that includes you dear owner! This dog needs well prepared and nutritious food served at regular intervals and walks you can set your watch by. With delicate digestive systems they also need set routines to ensure they are able to go to the loo regularly or they may get bunged up and will land you with endless vet visits and an anxious pet…a very anxious pet!

These are clever, quick witted dogs and they are very loyal. They will sense when you are down and they will be there for you in their quiet, unassuming and loving way. They appreciate it when you talk to them and they an learn a great number of words so talk, talk talk!

Virgo owner

What can I say about the most wonderful sign of the zodiac? You can guess what sign I am and my late husband Colin was …not to mention our last dog. Yes productive, efficient, reliable and loving Virgo…what’s not to love? Mmmm?

OK so Virgos can be a bit picky, perfectionist and just a tad controlling but we are a loving, humorous sign that is great at training both the humans and dogs in our lives. Of course they might not want to be trained, but that’s another story.

A Virgo’s dog will be well fed, well exercised and well trained (I know I’ve done it a few times). The more a Virgo person is loved, the higher their self esteem grows, so a loving dog is a great benefit. Snappy, aloof dogs need not apply. Chaos can unnerve a Virgo so having a dog that is willing to be trained is vital.

This book is a tribute to the interconnected, magical universe we live in, and whatever specie we are, we all deserve respect and care.
That’s the serious bit over with, so I hope this book brings a smile, maybe the occasional chuckle and a wee bit of information to you and that you enjoy taking a closer look at our furry friends and how we relate to them. Love is a truly incredible gift and dogs give that to us without reservation.

If you would like to buy your own copy of Zodiac Dogs please click the button – this will direct you to Amazon where you can buy my book, and leave me a review. With thanks in advance, Jane x