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The up side of rain….more time to draw!

I am forced to admit that there is a good side to all this rain! Loath though I am to admit it when it pours down outside I find it easy to turn inwards and draw. I’m not lured out by treats, cups of tea, meet ups I watch the rain and its far, far easier to draw inwards and let the pen take over. The pen knows exactly where it wants to go and the pen and I are off to draw cities soon and we’re getting into practice with what I call “cities of the mind”. I love cities. I love the hum of their energy. I love all cities and in particular I love London. My parents came to London and it gave them opportunities, work and a home. I was born there and it always has its arms open for me when I return. So these drawing of fantasy cities are the beginning of the CITY PROJECT. I’m aiming to draw my London with a Jane makeover and these sketches and there are many more are just the beginning. When the rain waves goodbye and the sunshine appears the pen and I are off city drawing….watch this space……stay dry!