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The auction picture

The pen is very happy. The doodles that I’ve been doing for years (since I was a toddler in fact) are morphing into full scale pictures. To be honest they have been for ages. So now they are becoming what I see as “Jane’s World”. Imagination has been my companion since my rather solitary childhood. The pen allows me to create characters and worlds…and its much more interesting that just watching the TV. Don’t get me wrong the TV is on and I’m half watching it and drawing at the same time. This picture is part of a series about imaginary worlds and imaginary skies. What if we looked up and saw different planets and a different sky? What if there is magic out there in the skies and we just can’t see it? This drawing is going to be auctioned off for the lovely women collecting money to build their own Buddhist ordination center called Taraloka. Since I’ve been grieving the loss of my darling Colin I’ve been aware of the support from so many amazing people from all beliefs and backgrounds and I appreciate them all. More of these drawings will follow…the pen is very active right now. The pen and I had a slight falling out when it leaked over my best and newest rucksack, but now it has its own watertight bag and a truce has been declared. It sends its love!