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The one that got away!

While clearing out artwork found a drawing that didn’t make it into my book Zodiac Dogs. I always felt this fella was trying to say something…was it something astrological like “I’m on a cusp!” or “its Mercury Retrograde”? Mmm? Anyway back he went into the large folder of drawings that get filed away some for future use some just eventually discarded. Then I was going out with a dog owning pal during the awful rain we’ve been having. I deeply didn’t want to go out and was the picture of sullen resentment. Yes I know walks do me good, yes I know getting wet won’t kill me…then I saw the dog. He was lying on the kitchen floor exuding sullen resentment and I thought “I know that expression” but couldn’t place it. Where did I know that face? The dog and I were one with really, really not wanting to go out in the downpour. We went and we didn’t like it. Then going through my drawings later, actually looking for something else, I recognised the expression on this dog’s face. He’s not saying anything profound about astrology, the world or any inner torment….he just doesn’t want to go walkies in the rain! So here he is…finally!