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Festival faces x 1

The pen is up, alive and excited because the Brighton festival is on. So much inspiration to draw. This cheers me up. I might look at a face and then store it in my memory and when I get home the pen does a sketch based on the memory. How incredible that all faces are different and so mobile. Occasionally I have said to a total stranger “You have such a wonderful face!” best to follow that remark with one saying “I’m an artist” and show a card with a drawing on it to prove that otherwise the danger is being mistaken for someone unusual! Older faces are the most absorbing and so beautiful, like a map of the soul. People often tell their stories to me and I get a great feeling of fondness for the human race as a result. Life isn’t always easy and people’s resilience takes my breath away sometimes.

Grief is weird. How is it when I miss Colin so much I have these moments of connection and joy with others?

I love the flowers in peoples’ hair and their wild clothes. In Brighton you can wear what you look and nobody bothers. Its so releasing though I have fought the desire to go out in lounging trousers (pyjamas!). I find my earings are getting bigger and bigger and my hair is getting longer and longer. I might end up as “IT” in the Adams Family…just hair with two large earings sticking out. Mind you its great camouflage if I want a cry. Yesterday I saw a beautiful woman with THE most enormous earings ever….I need them! I ran after her to ask where she got them but she had vanished down a side street…Aaagh!

During the festival went to a great drag act by Ida Barr. Poignant and insanely funny and really good fun. Doing the congo and yelling with friends and about 200 other happy people! Here I am laughing when 2 hours ago I was crying. Grieving makes me feel crazy!

One of the drawings came out of that wonderful character. Sometimes I think I’m just doodling and then on the paper is someone or something I recognize. Its like my unconscious mind gets a chance to express itself. So far its not been scary!