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The Goodbye Series

These are animals that we may be in the process of saying goodbye too. When I look at babies born now I wonder if they will be able to see these creatures alive or only in pictures or films when they grow up.

We often see wild animals portrayed as living in wild landscapes when this often simply isn’t true. Often they have to live side by side with humans. According to Chris Packham this gives us a romanticised idea of their habitats.

As the habitats of wild animals gets destroyed they become prey to the effects of urbanisation, pollution and lack of their natural food. They are being crowded out and have their freedoms taken away.

Also as they have to live closer and closer to us they can be perceived as a threat and hunted down. We need to find ways to  manage any hostility between wild animals and humans and keep them safe.

20% of the profits of any of these 4 wildlife prints goes to the World Wildlife Fund.