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Doodles in front of the TV

As soon as the pen woke up in Edinburgh I found myself drawing in front of the TV again. Grieving put me into a strange space still does. I would watch the TV and mainly fall asleep. In my old happy life I would sometimes draw and sometimes cuddle my Colin in front of the TV. He’d curl up with his head on my lap and I’d balance my sketchbook on his shoulders – we’d stay like that for hours.

So after my pen bounced back into life in Edinburgh I was able to let my pen travel and play on the page whilst some programme was playing out. The pen was back romping about. I ceased to sleep in front of the TV.

With doodling its always a surprise what emerges. Unusual shaped houses. More and more unusual shaped houses. The odd dog. Women with dogs and impossibly long leads. I began to notice dogs popped up all over the place, lopsided building…..and hats!

I can’t wear hats, I’m too tall I look like a flag pole waving in the wind! Weddings are agony and I usually get round them by sticking flowers in my hair, but I do notice the strange and out of character hats some women wear for such events. In fact they fascinate me and I find myself drawing wedding hats, large improbable wedding hats with birds nesting in them, bells tinkling on movement and the whole structure like a very large impossible cake!

Now it doesn’t matter how exciting the programme is the pen is ready for the off! There is something very comforting about having the TV on and sitting drawing in my own world. I’ve been doing it since I was a child. Sometimes the end of what I’m watching has been and gone and when I look up there’s another show on.  Yes the pen is definitely back! I look forward to watching TV now but secretly I wonder if it’s because I have a date with my pen!