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I grew up in a chaotic, noisy post war London immigrant household with an East German mother and an Irish father. I used to hide under the table and look out at all the faces as I listened to their stories.  Faces of suffering, humour and passion. My mother Selma began teaching me to draw when I was 5 and I drew my way through school trading portraits of pop stars for chocolate biscuits and later when travelling selling my portraits on the road. I’ve drawn in cafes in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and all along the Mediterranean ...faces, faces always faces – all different and all containing their own stories. Grandmothers, small children, gangsters and lovers – all those worlds in all those faces.

I spent most of my life in the creative fields from dancing ( I trained and performed with the Natural Dance Workshop with Jim McRitchie and Anna Wise (who drew from the San Francisco Dancers Workshop under Anna Halprin)  to Performance Art at the ICA in London, working solo in street performances, and being part of the Spinsters Performance Art Group. But drawing remained my constant.

My work toured with the “From Genesis to Genocide” exhibition in 1990 which included the Green Party Conference in Paris and the Anniversary of Chernobyl show hosted by Bruce Kent. Since then it struck me very forcefully that the plight of animals and the state of the planet has has got much worse. This grim realisation has led to my current “Goodbye series”. I can say my work usually is a celebration of life but this isn’t - it’s saying goodbye with the deepest regret. ..

I was awarded a BA Hons from Central St Martin’s in Fine Art in 1995 where I spent a lot of time sitting in Soho cafes drawing faces.

I have exhibited in two of the Affordable Art Fairs and the most recent Pintar Rapido among other shows including a one woman show in Smiths in Croydon and the “Soul of the City” show also in Croydon. ...

I never stop drawing faces – animals and humans both equally fascinate me – it’s just as much of a challenge to capture a living being with fur as one without – sometimes harder – humans keep still and I can see the bone structure!  I love the thrill of capturing a likeness - in my imagination it’s capturing and showing the energy of the sitter. .

I now have a permanent studio in Brighton and have had the pleasure of seeing my work go out to varying parts of the UK, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Germany and the United States. .

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